1. Administrative Division

    The Administrative Division of the Marble Falls Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief of Police, Information Technician, an Administrative Assistant, and a Records Clerk.

  2. Animal Services

    Animal Control is responsible for the capture, care and feeding of lost/aband oned animals including the adoption of animals not claimed by an owner after 72 hours.

  3. Communication Division

    The Communication Center is responsible for all communication functions for the City of Marble Falls, the City of Granite Shoals, and the City of Horseshoe Bay.

  4. Criminal Investigations Division

    Marble Falls Police Department CID personnel bring a wealth of diversified police experience to the job and are highly trained and well equipped to deal with the crimes committed by the modern criminal element.

  5. Patrol Division

    The Patrol Division is the primary unit of the Marble Falls Police Department.